Students will take a written and oral placement test (TOEFL Based) on the first day to determine their English level.

Student will need to be at an Advanced TOEFL level or will have to register for the General English program until they reach a Pre-Advanced level.

Time in the General English Program depends on student level, contact us for duration details.


The University Preparation course prepares students to study at Canadian Universities and Colleges. This course is an advanced level course and is designed to give the necessary skills to students who would like to use English for Academic purposes.

The major topics include:

Academic Writing Skills – Designed to give students the necessary grammar, punctuation, reading, editing and planning skills needed to create effective University writing assignments.

Academic Presentation Skills – Students will learn how to first organize their content and deliver clear, understandable presentations within a University environment.

Note taking Skills – Students will learn various methods of note-taking such as the Cornell Note Taking System. Students will learn a variety of strategies to create clear and effective notes.

Tutorial Participation – Students will focus on their communication skills in a University tutorial environment in which they will bring together many of their presentation, note-taking and critical reading skills in order to express and convey their points and participating in tutorials.

There is a separated section (Advisor Services) designed assist the student to find the University or College program that is best for them.


Registration Fee:$ 125
Textbook & Material Fees:$ 300
Tuition:8 weeks$ 2, 550
12 weeks$ 3, 650
16 weeks$ 4, 520
32 weeks$ 8, 200
36 weeks$ 8, 840
48 weeks$ 13, 200


50 hours


Tues, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Thurs, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat, 10:00am – 5:00pm


2 Seats Remaining


  • January18
  • February22
  • March21
  • April18
  • May22
  • June19
  • July18
  • August22
  • September19
  • October18
  • November21
  • December19

Academic Advisory / Counseling:

Your University / College advisor will assist you through the process of enrolling:

They will help you as you apply to the University or College that we choose. Assist you in getting an agent in your country if you need a student visa. Help you put together your University / College syllabus based on your educational background.


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