This course is for students interested in applying for a Post Graduate Degree in a North American Law School.

All applicants should understand the undergraduate requirements for being accepted into a North American Law school, however there are no requirements to enroll in this program.


The LSAT Preparation course is designed to ensure students are able to apply all the necessary skills to succeed on LSAT test for post graduate Law Schools.

Our course is taught by experience instructors who have years of experience in LSAT test taking and refereeing. All of our instructors have successfully taken the LSAT test and have completed their LLB or our currently enrolled in a North American Law School.

Our advisors will assist students in the entire LSAT School Application process, and we give personal LSAT tutoring for all students enrolled in this course.

The major topics include:

Learning Diagramming and Gaming Techniques – This section clearly outlines the standard diagramming and gaming questions students will get and breaks down how to easily structure a system that can provide a clearer understanding of the question.

Learning to Distinguish Wrong Answers – Like all test the LSAT test has a certain protocol to their questions in order to assess the student`s likelihood of predicting the correct answer, there are cues and ways to detect and eliminate incorrect answers in an efficient, quick way.

Evaluate Logical Reasoning Passages – Students will learn various methods of note-taking such as the Cornell Note Taking System. Students will learn a variety of strategies to create clear and effective notes.

Time Strategies and Developing a LSAT Study Schedules – These are two very important areas to gain expertise in LSAT testing as you will be able to gauge your overall performance based on your speed and the content you are covering.

Overall Exam breakdown; Reading Comprehension 26-28 Questions, Logistical Reasoning 24-26 Questions, Analytical Reasoning (Games) 22-24 Questions, Experimental Section 22-28 Questions, Writing Sample 1 Essay, 35 minutes


Registration Fee:$ 50
Textbook & Material Fees:$ 75
Tuition:30 hours$ 395
50 hours$ 595


Open Schedule, up to 12 months


Tues, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Thur, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Sat, 10:00am – 5:00pm

Open Schedule:
Students can take classes as they wish for a 12 month period.


2 Seats Remaining


  • January 
  • February 
  • March 
  • April 
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  • December 

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Academic Advisory / Counseling:

There is a separate section (Advisor Services) designed assist the student to find the University or College for their LSAT Application Process that is best for them.


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