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Title Educational Sales and Marketing
Categories Terms – Certain
Division Sales and Marketing
Date Reviewed Until Position Filled
Summary Statement

Sales, Marketing, SEO and Online Advertising at Canada Residence assist in driving admissions.

Sales and Marketing representatives will assist increasing enrollments throughout Asia.

Reports to Alex Rosen, Sales Manager
Subordinate Staff None
      Increase student enrolment throughout Asia by online advertising, SEO


    services and customer service practices.

  • Applying good written and spoken communication to promote student
  • Creating and sending email campaigns.
  • Updating social media profiles.
  • Managing the development and launch of display advertisements.
  • Applying SEO web based practices to increase student online viewing and
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Title Educational Advisor
Categories Terms – Certain
Division Education
Date Reviewed Until Position Filled
Summary Statement

Academic advising at Canada Residence to assist and help students with
their academic requirements, goals, and interest.

Academic advisors assist the student in being success as well as increase
student enrollment and retention by promoting and recruiting for programs,
referring students at risk or in need of additional resources with the
primary objective to assist with making informed decisions concerning
their educational goals.

Reports to Susan Smith, Academic Manager
Subordinate Staff none
Other internal contacts Students, Student Funding and Awards, Student Recruitment, Information Staff, Records, Admissions, Counselors, International Programs, Financing, College and University Assistance and Employment opportunities.
      Increase student success by helping them make informed decisions about


    their educational goals

  • Teaches students about post secondary programs including graduation
    and/or transfer requirements for a particular program of study.
  • Supports and encourages confidence in academic decision making by
    promoting student independence in academic processes and regulations.
  • Assists in English requirements needing to be successful.
  • Discussing degree and diploma as well as university transfer program information to all learners and other appropriate internal and external contacts. This information may be presented in individual or group sessions.
  • Determines student abilities for Canada Residence English School programs.
  • Understand and assess testing results relevant to placement decisions.
  • Help students in the development of an educational plan including choosing a program of study and/or clarifying educational goals. To guide the student through this decision-making process.
  • Provides students with information about living and off-campus residence relating options.
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