Students will take a written and oral placement test (TOEFL Based) on the first day to determine their English level.

Students who score above the Intermediate level can enter Intensive English.

Students who score above the Intermediate level can also choose any of the English Programs offered or may continue in General English.


The Intensive English course prepares students for office and more intensive English needs. Students will have 6 steps in this program that will enhance their language skills and also allow them to communication in more professional environments.

The major topics include:

Real Speaking– Involves less text book learning and more one on one, slang and idioms, real life materials (ie. Toronto Media), Native speaking at normal pace.

TOEIC Preparation– We will learn English and Business terms, as well as listening and reading comprehension.

Profession based English– Students interested in Medicine or other fields we will incorporate industry specific terminology and concepts into their program.

Writing / Grammar / Vocabulary Building– As with the General English 100 course there will be a concentration on the important basic language areas of Writing / Grammar / Vocabulary Building.


Registration Fee:$ 125
Textbook & Material Fees:$ 350
Tuition:8 weeks$ 2, 680
12 weeks$ 4, 080
16 weeks$ 5, 320
20 weeks$ 6, 400
24 weeks$ 7, 480
28 weeks$ 8, 560
32 weeks$ 9, 640
1 year$ 13, 960


16 Weeks (1 semester)
48 Weeks (1 year)


9:00am – 12:00pm morning
1:00pm – 4:00pm afternoon

30 hours/ wk


6 Seats Remaining


  • January3
  •  30
  • February27
  • March26
  • April23
  • May22
  • June18
  • July16
  • August13
  • September10
  • October9
  • November5
  • December3


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