Students will take a written and oral placement test (TOEFL Based) on the first day to determine their English level.

Students who score at the Beginner or Intermediate level will be placed in General English and can take Business English after 8 weeks as their secondary classes.

Students who score at an advance level can take the English for Business.


The English for Business course is designed to develop skills for employment and business purposes. English for Business students will train with the Cambridge English Business Preliminary, Vantage or Higher program depending on their level.

The major topics include:

Negotiating and Networking – Students will be involved in workshops designed to explain the appropriate etiquette related to negotiating and networking in the office and on business trips.

Writing Business Documents – Students will learn how to write effective business emails, memos and letters. As well as how to prepare presentation and meeting based materials.

Office Environment – Students will learn on the job responsibilities such as handling phone calls, greeting clients, troubleshooting, managing and attending meetings.

Business Case Studies/ Role Play – Students will be given various Business based case studies depending on their industry of interest (ie. Hospitality, IT, Healthcare, Finance, Accounting), this provides a strong understanding of industry specific terminology, etiquette and practices.

Interviewing – Students will be given interviews to practice their interview skills. Students will learn to position themselves as the best candidate possible for the job. Also included; sourcing, resume preparation and interview follow-up techniques.


Registration Fee:$ 125
Textbook & Material Fees:$ 350
Tuition:4 weeks$ 1, 150
8 weeks$ 2, 300
12 weeks$ 3, 450
16 weeks$ 4, 600
32 weeks$ 8, 400


16 Weeks (1 semester)
48 Weeks (1 year)


9:00am – 12:00pm morning
1:00pm – 2:30pm afternoon

22.5 hours/ wk


3 Seats Remaining


  • January23
  • February21
  • March19
  • April16
  • May14
  • June11
  • July9
  • August7
  • September4
  • October29
  • November26
  • December17


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