Canada Residence English School extends its reach to help and train

February 8th, 2014

The classrooms are fun and exciting and Canada Residence English School is in working partnerships with many.

The Canada Residence English School breathing new life into the classrooms throughout the GTA.

The Canadian based English school is focused on assisting students from China and other countries to complete their English education requirements, improve their English and successfully apply for university in Canada.

However Canada Residence English School also like to work with the youth presently here in Toronto.

The Canada Residence English school offers GMAT and LSAT courses as well for Canadian based University students, and enjoys training their staff with through mentor ship and tutoring courses throughout the GTA, York University and it surrounding areas is where Canada Residence English school will go on-site to assist pre existing programs and provide their staff a place to be trained and assist the community.

LSAT and GMAT courses are generally conducted at their Toronto office, however they also provide these courses at Humber College.  They feel like it is a good way to reach the public, train their staff and build lasting partnerships.

To learn more about any of Canada Residence English School courses, please visit or email them at




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